KLet & R Boer Goats



     ………Bloodlines that work!


    K & R Boer Goats was established October 1999 and is located in    

    Farmersville, Texas.     We started out with a couple spanish goats to have

    around as “yard ornaments” and have progressed from there.   We

    agreed that quality rather than quantity would be the foundation

    on which we would build.     With that in mind, and the support and

    guidance of “Friends in the business”, we have put together a small

    herd of goats that produce what we feel are quality animals that are

    competitive in the show ring.    Some of the bloodlines that are represented  

     in our herd are Magnum (EN), Sumo (EN),  Ubora (EN), Texas Twister, Granite,

     Mojo Magic (EN), JLF Francis (EN), Kaptein (EN), Toro (EN) & Eggsfile (EN).


    We welcome calls and visitors.



                         SEMEN TANK AND FIBERGLASS

                         HUTS FOR SALE!

                         See "For Sale" page for details.




















































                                                                            Keith and Rhonda Berry

Chance Pickens

3025 FM 36 N

    Farmersville, Texas 75442